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10 Things which should be on all non-VAT Invoices

An overview of invoicing for companies and individuals not registered for VAT………

(Companies / individuals who are VAT registered please see separate article regarding VAT invoices)

For a non-VAT registered business there are no hard and fast rules about what has to be on sales invoices, however for good practice the following items should be on all invoices.

1.       Your business name and address 


2.       Your customer’s business name and address


 3.       The fact that it is an Invoice

It might sound a bit bizarre but it is good practice to actually write ‘INVOICE’ in the centre of the invoice below the address, but before the invoice information so it is clear to the customer that is what they are looking at. After all, you don’t want it to be disregarded as a quote, delivery note or other item – you want it to be paid!


4.       The date of the invoice


5.       An invoice number, which should be a unique, sequential number

e.g. 00001, 00002, 00003, 00004 etc

or SI10001, SI10002, SI10003, etc

Note, if you later register for VAT you MUST have a unique, sequential number for each invoice so it is good practice to get into this habit now.


6.       A reasonable description of the items being invoiced


7.       The rate and quantity of each item chargeable


 8.       The total amount being invoiced


 9.     Details of how the invoice should be paid: e.g by Bank Transfer to account xxxxxxxx, sort code xx-xx-xx, account name Joe Bloggs Ltd.


 10.   Date by which the invoice should be paid, or payment terms, e.g. invoice should be paid within 30 days.

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