FreeAgent software is included in all of our year round service packages for Limited Companies and Sole Traders/Partnerships.

If you already have a licence, you can transfer the billing responsibility for this to us. Or in the event that you wish to retain the billing responsibility we can offer packages without the software.

What does FreeAgent do?

  • Produce estimates
  • Raise sales invoices
  • Manage bills and personal expenses
  • Keep track of bank accounts
  • View visual profit and loss statements

The FreeAgent team are available by telephone or email for technical software support issues, and we are contactable for how-to’s, issues and accountancy related advice.

As a FreeAgent Expert practice we have access to each clients’ FreeAgent account and can check that information is being entered and classified correctly.

At year end we have instant access to all transactions for preparing Reports, Year End Accounts, and relevant Tax Returns.


For more information on FreeAgent see the FreeAgent article, visit the FreeAgent website, or have a look on the FreeAgentYouTube_logochannel.

For more information on packages see Prices.




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