Melot Accounting is offering a Virtual Finance Team package which will only be available on a limited basis.


What does the service include?

In addition to all the features of the Enhanced package, the Virtual Finance team package includes:

– remote Bookkeeping assistance
Management Accounting
– remote Credit Control assistance

Depending on the individual business’ needs the combination of these may differ, and if needed extras can be added.


How much assistance will I receive each month?

The starting level service includes for up to 4 hours a month of support in these areas.

How this is used will depend on the individual business’ needs.


What if I need help with other things, such as assistance with my FloatApp cashflow forecasting?

We can discuss this with you and work together on the best support structure for your business.


What does the credit control service involve?

This again will be business dependent…

Perhaps you have complex transactions with clients where a large volume of invoices are paid at once and it’s unclear what is and isn’t paid or owing. We can help you unpick these complicated accounts to arrive at a clear breakdown of what is left to be paid.

Or maybe you need assistance contacting overdue accounts by email, letter or phone. We can contact the accounts departments to ensure invoices have been received, are correct/processable, and obtain payment date information. Where there are errors or information missing on invoices we can assist with correcting or re-issuing these to ensure you account can be paid without further delay.


Why is this service only available on a limited basis?

Melot Accounting is a small firm so we only have the resources to offer this level of support to a few clients.

We want to ensure we continue to offer an excellent level of service to all our clients, so by keeping this service limited we can ensure we don’t compromise on the quality of our work.


Contact us if you feel you could benefit from this service.

For information on package fees see prices.